Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl, Short Shorts, and the Clothes Make the Man

Happy Super Bowl Sunday friends! I hope this day brings you plenty of nachos and chicken wings! I don't really have a preference in who wins but it's always fun to watch!

Yesterday I bought a key piece of gear- running shorts. I actually did a little research on this, because anyone who knows running shorts know that they make them teeny tiny (see video from a few weeks back). Now I am not out to excite all the ladies and bears with my sexy legs while I am hiking so I looked for some that are a little bit longer. Adidas makes a new line of clothes and shoes called Adizero that I looked into. They were super light weight but were way too long and baggy and just didn't feel 100% comfortable when walking. I landed on a pair of Nike running shorts that are light and land just above the knees, so to not reveal too much (be thankful).

So why am I looking at shorts when I am beginning the hike in early March? Well it's a combination of this very mild winter with the amount of heat my body will put off hiking 8-10 miles a day. One thing I learned in my gear shakedown a few weeks ago was that most hikers will wear running shorts with long underwear under them and a wicking tee-shirt with a fleece and/or rain shell in the winter months. There are three rules of clothes that I have heard from different sources- 1) It's all about layers, 2) absolutely no cotton (when cotton gets wet, it loses all ability to keep you warm), and 3) if you can't wear everything at one time you have too much. So here is what I will be wearing/packing:

hat or bandanna during the day, toboggan at night
Upper body 
1 wicking tee, Capaline 3 long sleeve tee, rain shell, synthetic jacket for camp
Lower body 
Midweight long underwear, 2 pairs of compression wicking underwear, running shorts, convertible pants (zip off at knees), rain pants
3 pairs of wool socks (1 ankle, 2 long), trail runner shoes (lighter and a lot more comfortable than boots)

It doesn't seem like a lot, but it follows the 3 rules. It gives a little rotation with the hopes of doing laundry once a week. Those of you hiking the trail this year following this blog let me know if I am forgetting anything.


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