Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where to begin...

Every journey has to have a beginning.

Sometimes that beginning comes from a choice.
     ...choosing the red pill or choosing the blue pill
     ...choosing the insane or choosing the safe
     ...choosing everything or choosing nothing
     ...choosing adventure or choosing the mundane
     ...choosing life or choosing death.

You would think the obvious choice would be to choose a life of adventure, to truly live instead of the same 9-5 routine.  But if it were that easy, why don't more people choose to live that way?  Is it fear? Is it the need for safety? The desire for routine? Because of dependents? Responsibilities?

Every journey has to have a beginning. And sometimes, that journey begins with a choice. This is the story of my journey- to live for something bigger than myself and to choose to give all of myself and the excuses I use (time, money, career) away.

Sometimes when we let go of the things that keep us from truly living or being the person we were created to be, incredible things can happen. For me it was the marriage of two passions. What if I could hike the entire Appalachian Trail and by doing that raise awareness and money to provide clean water to a desperate village in Africa?  What if I could truly be used by God to do something so much bigger than me and at the same time have an experience that would transform me to the core?

These are the things that I wrestled with.  The choices were laid out.  Could I choose to do something unbelievable or should I choose to wait, or to see if there is something else, or to make up more excuses and to have a huge opportunity become someone else's adventure.  After months of prayer, months of wrestling, months of back and forth, months of agony, months of seeking wisdom from people much wiser than myself,  I made a choice.

I chose the red pill, the insane, the everything, the adventure...I chose to live!

The journey has begun.


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